Female Sanitary Bin in Beccles

Looking for a quality service and a very competitive price for your sanitary waste disposal in Beccles - Suffolk?

We are a family owned independent washroom services company with our directors experience of over 40 years in the sector. Our focus has always been for a quality service and at a very competitive price, often much less than many of our competitors.

Once we have established your requirements we will provide quickly a fully itemised simple no fuss or jargon quotation to you. There are not hidden extras and unlike many others we do not charge for Waste Transfer & Duty of Care documentation.

Whether you refer sanitary bins or feminine hygiene units we have an extensive range of hands free bins that can be installed on your premises.

Whether a single bin or hundreds across multiple sites we can fulfill your requirements.

We have compiled a useful CHECKLIST to help you choose a supplier for your sanitary bins servicing requirements. It also provides more detail on the level of service we offer.

The questions we get asked most are:

  • How often do they need servicing?
  • What size sanitary bin is needed?
  • Do you charge extra for the Duty of Care?
  • Who owns the sanitary bin?

Most of our sites are on 12 or 13 (4 weekly) servicing, with a standard 23 litre bin. We don’t charge any extras like for Duty of Care document and we supply the sanitary bin and install at your premises. We cater for all types of business and sometimes smaller sanitary bins may be required, and servicing may be seasonal such as holiday parks. Whatever your requirements it won’t be something we have done before.

Happy with your existing sanitary service supplier in Beccles?

Most of our new business comes from customers who are:

  • Looking to see if they can save costs
  • Unhappy with their current service provider
  • Had extra charges on their invoices they didn’t expect such as charging for Duty of Care
  • Had their contract transferred to one of the nationals as their existing supplier sold their business

We love enquiries like this as we always pride ourselves on excellent service at a very competitive price, that way our customers are happy and stay with our sanitary bin services. The price we quote is the price you pay, there are no extra for the likes of Duty of Care documents. After forty years in the business we can truly say we are an independant family owned and run business. Use our price checker to save if you can save.

Full Range of Washroom Services in Beccles

We do not just do sanitary waste disposal services, we can also provide servicing for:

  • All clinical waste requirements, typically yellow and orange bags
  • Sharps bins, inc;uding one off collections
  • Aire fresheners and odour control
  • WC & Urinal sanitising
  • Soap dispensers on service or your own liquids supplied
  • Hand drying and paper towels
  • Vending machines

Other services we can arrange in Beccles

  • Shredding, one off or regular services
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Dental practice complete package of services
  • Commercial trade waste: general, cardboard, glass, food waste

Sanitary Bin Service
in Beccles

Sanitary Disposal Options Fully itemised quotation by email
Sanitary Disposal Options Best price guarantee for servicing
Sanitary Disposal Options Bin(s) supplied and no installation costs
Sanitary Disposal Options Choice of service intervals 8/12/13/26/52 and seasonal
Sanitary Disposal Options Have extensive experience in this sector, over 40 years
Sanitary Disposal Options Fixed price for length of contract and no hidden extras
Sanitary Disposal Options FREE Duty of Care documents

Feminine hygiene units

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Washroom Services
in Beccles

Sanitary Disposal Options Clinical waste, hazardous and non hazourdous
Sanitary Disposal Options Sharps bins
Sanitary Disposal Options Air fresheners and Urinal Sanitisers
Sanitary Disposal Options Soap dispensers
Sanitary Disposal Options Hand dryers and paper towels
Sanitary Disposal Options Vending solutions

Clinical Waste Collection

Other Services
in Beccles

Sanitary Disposal Options Dental waste
Sanitary Disposal Options Legionella risk assessments
Sanitary Disposal Options Shredding
Sanitary Disposal Options Commercial trade waste

Trade waste recycling

Business Sectors Served
in Beccles

Sanitary Disposal Options Offices, Warehouses and Factories
Sanitary Disposal Options Shops and Beauty
Sanitary Disposal Options Schools, Colleges, Univerities
Sanitary Disposal Options Holiday parks
Sanitary Disposal Options Dentists and Medical Centres
Sanitary Disposal Options Charities
Sanitary Disposal Options Landlords